Plant Based Pastry Shop


Hello YEG!

I am a self-taught baker with a love for everything pastry!

I started my little business adventure in May of 2019, and it has been quite the ride! I can remember years ago, when my wife and I bought our first house. We decided to host our very first family Christmas dinner, and in the midst of all of the Christmas chaos, I baked my first pie! That day something clicked, and I slowly began exploring the world of pastry! I went from Pies and cookies, to more elaborate things like choux pastry, tarts, croissants! And the list keeps growing. As of Mid Summer 2021, I converted my entire menu to being plant-based. Everything you see in the store is 100% plant based and still amazingly delicious!

Pastry is one of those things where nothing is ever perfect, and there is always room to improve. You can always be pushing boundaries and making brand new products, or just making what you know even better!


**Delivery Notes**

All orders will be delivered on the date selected at checkout. Delivery starts around 8:00am and finishes around 4:30pm. Delivery times are not guaranteed. If you live in a house, your order will be left on your doorstep. I will ring the doorbell or knock and head back to my vehicle. You will receive a confirmation text once your pastries have been delivered. It is your responsibility to ensure someone is home to receive the order. If you live in an apartment, I will buzz you upon arrival. If there is no answer within 10 minutes, I will continue on my route, and it will be up to you to organize an appropriate time to pick up your order.

Any purchase under $40, there is a $10 delivery fee. Any Purchase above $40, delivery is free.

Currently delivering to: Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc

**If you need a specific delivery time, live outside my delivery areas or have specific instructions, PLEASE contact me prior to ordering!**

Find My Pastries at the following amazing locations!

Roasti Coffee Company – 52 Brentwood Blvd #19, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 2H6

Roasti Coffee Company – 10546 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A4

Anvil Coffee House – 6148 90 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 0P2

Polar Park Brewery – 10416 80 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5T7

Cafe Neo – 10051 152 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 1V9